Tuesday, 25 October 2016

WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY - Part 1 at Kiltonga Natrue Reserve

Last week  I showed you the birds I saw at the lake near Helen's Tower however today it is the Swans at  Kiltonga Nature Reserve, near Newtownards that I am showing you when I visited it with my Bird Group recently.  There were 2 Adult Swans and hidden beneath trees were 6 cygnets.   The adults were already encouraging their young to find another territory by the aggressive behaviour to the cygnets unlike the ones at Helen's Tower.

These are Gadwall ducks. 
The one above is the male and below is the female.

The cygnets are coming tentatively from under the trees but the male Swan is on their case and trying to get them to move territory and 3 of them, very wisely move into a smaller channel away from both  parents.

Off they go but tomorrow I will show you the rest of the photographs taken at Kiltonga Nature Reserve.  Too many for one post.

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Monday, 24 October 2016


I have been quite tired recently and on Friday wondered what I was going to publish next Monday.  I would have to make it in advance as from now until then I will be very busy and then I thought I knew what to post.  My older brother and his wife in September had just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary and I would show you the wonderful cake.  So here it is.

I was only 8 years old when Bryan and Phyllis got married but spent a lot of my teenage years with them and although that celebration was just close family, last Saturday we had a bigger event when my younger brother’s son got married.  

On Sunday I have to travel to Dublin and if anyone is interested I was be part of a small congregation in the studios of RTE when a live ‘Sunday Service’ will be broadcast from.  You can get it on RTE IPlayer and it will be available there for the following 3 weeks.

I am sorry recently, due to tiredness I have not managed to comment on as many bloggers posts so hopefully you will bare with me as I do try to post daily for my regular followers.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016


Now devote your heart and soul to seeking 
the Lord your God.

1 Chronicles 22:19

Photographed during the Conversations weekend
Mount Stewart, near Newtownards, N. Ireland

16/17 September 2016

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Saturday, 22 October 2016


I had my bird group out on Monday and although we had a fun time, there were not many birds about on the two location we visited which were near Helne’s Tower and a little park at Crawfordsburn Village.  Danny, one of my bird group sent me these shots so I thought I would share them with you.  I will show you my shots next Tuesday and Wednesday.

There were only two cygnets and a passing man stopped to tell us there had been three however one of them disappeared when quite young.  You can see these ones are already moulting their feather from brown to white.  The last shot is a Moorhen.

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Friday, 21 October 2016


Again it is time for FRIDAY’S HUNT and WEEKEND REFLECTIONS.  This week we are looking at the letter Q, your favourite image and autumn/spring.  The first 3 images were taken at Mount Stewart House and Gardens and below is a beautiful REFLECTION in one of the ponds in the Formal garden which is possibly my FAVOURITE this week.

I thought these 2 pieces of topiary were QUITE QUIRKY.  Above is a man shooting a QUARREL taken from his QUIVER into the Hare/Rabbit in the opposite hedge.  You can see it pierced this animals rump.

For the past 2 Monday’s I have taken my bird group out and these are a few photos I took of our autumn colours and mushrooms although it has been very mild weather still and you can see there are still a lot of green leaves on the trees.

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Thursday, 20 October 2016


On Monday I was out with my bird group and although we did not see many birds, we did see these lovely horses and I thought I would share these images with you.  The last shot was taken through a hole in a wall and this may not be what a USA barn looks like but it is what barns are like in Northern Ireland.  Enjoy and I am linking with GOOD FENCES.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Final Post on the CONVERSATIONS weekend at Mount Stewart House and Gardens

During the Conversations Weekend this September, I went on a Conservation tour in the house which was fascinating and one of the items the guide showed us was one of the 22 chairs used at the Congress of Vienna (1814). The ARMS of each occupant are embroidered on the back of his chair, and the ARMS of his Country on the seat and this particular chair was the coat of arms of Jean Louis Paul Fran├žois, Duc de Noailles.

The Chairs belonged to Lord Castlereagh and were in his house in Vienna. He brought them to Mount Stewart and it was his wish that they should not be taken from here.   There are a number already restored and can be seen in the Drawing Room as well as the Dining room.

This is a photograph in which you can see some of the chairs that were used at the time of the Congress of Vienna.

The guide explained to us how the gold leaf was applied to each chair and also told us how, during the restoration period of things in the house, how they were labelled, handled and stored.

Gloves are always worn when handling anything to be restored and different methods and equipment used in the process.  These were a few of the items the guide had picked out to show us and explain how they were going to be restored.  

This was very special lighting so that the room always could be worked in light resembling daylight conditions.  They also had a special table that was capable of being raised up and down to the exact height to safely work of different items to be restored.  

These are ore items waiting to be restored.  

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the conservation work 
that continues to go on day and daily at 
Mount Stewart House,near Newtownards in Northern Ireland.

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